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Understanding the Biblical Narative! (Foundational Article #2)


In quick review of our introductory article (which can be read in the archives), we discovered that the primary condition in which the church of this hour finds itself, has been mainly created by one of most overlooked tactics of our enemy….. THE MASQUERADE!  By posing as an "ANGEL OF LIGHT" (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL), he has successfully proceeded to insert himself behind the pristine pulpits of both our Denominational and Non-Denominational churches alike, in order to deceitfully pass along his promise killing traditions, as sure doctrines of truth!  This slick, subtle tactic, as innocent as it may seem, has all but suffocated the divinely intended Life out of the day to day expression of God's precious people.  A people, who at one time in their past, were full of Holy Spirit fire and all-consuming zeal!  What's the solution?  Without a second thought or doubt, each and every believer must now be totally committed and willing, to take the Holy writ of scripture, and completely reexamining  ALL THAT THEY'VE EVER BEEN TAUGHT!  We must be willing to examine the truth, and totally separate THE PRECIOUS FROM THE VILE!


As we enter into today's article, I'd like to begin by asking a couple of thought provoking questions.  HOW DID WE EVER GET FROM ONE MAN, IN ONE GARDEN, WITH ONE FATHER, TO AT LAST COUNT, OVER 38,000 VARIATIONS OF RELIGIOUS SECTS AND DENOMINATIONS IN THE WORLD?  ANYBODY?  What tactic has the masquerader himself used from behind his various lecterns and pulpits to propagate this innumerable list of lies?  For if we don't know how we ever got ourselves into this sorrowful condition, how will we ever wake up to get ourselves out?   Let's take a closer look!


A quick glance at JOHN 4:24, reveals to us a simple, but yet extremely profound truth:  "…GOD IS SPIRIT…"!  Now, if you're currently tuned in to the Holy Spirit, you probably already know exactly where I am headed with this!  But if you are still wondering, let me ask another question.  If a Spirit-Being were to write a book, what kind of language would he write it in?  Ahh…..  Now you're seeing it: A SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE, of course!!  And if a Spiritual-Being were to write a Spiritual Book, in a Spiritual Language, then what kind of mind would one have to have in order to truly understand and interpret it correctly?  Now you're really catching on: A SPIRITUAL MIND!  So really, before we ever take a look into the Holy scriptures, we've already discovered the number one method of operation of Satan as the Masquerader.  The reason we've gone from One Man, in One Garden, with One Father, to over 38,000 religious sects and denominations on the planet, is that CARNALLY MINDED MEN HAVE BEEN TRYING TO LITERALLY INTERPRET A SPIRITUAL BOOK!

In LUKE 11:49, as Jesus talked about how for generations, the Nation of Israel had been guilty of shedding the blood of His prophets throughout the days of the Old Testament, He personally referred to the Old Testament writings as "THE WISDOM OF GOD"!  Now, before we go any further with this, let me just say,  that I am very aware of the fact, that according to scriptures, Jesus Himself became the "WISDOM OF GOD"; but for the sake of bringing out the task at hand, let's stick with the example that was being spoken of at the time here.  JESUS HIMSELF REFERRED TO THE OLD TESTAMENT WRITINGS AS "THE WISDOM OF GOD".  So now that we're back on task here, try to remember that statement, as we're about to "SET THE SCENE" for our lesson at hand.  Once again, Jesus, during His days on earth, referred to the Old Testament Writings as the "WISDOM OF GOD"!  
With this in mind, in EPH. 3:9-10, the Apostle Paul immediately stands up and declares that the "WISDOM OF GOD" had been "HIDDEN" from the ages until his time (THE CHURCH AGE).  So let me ask a question here.  Who preceded who?  Did Paul precede Jesus, or did Jesus precede Paul?  Of course, we all know that JESUS PRECEDED PAUL!  So, how was the Apostle Paul able to say that the "WISDOM OF GOD", which Jesus called the Old Testament writings, was "HIDDEN" until his time,  when we all know, that on many occasions,  Jesus Himself would stand up both in the synagogue, and amongst the multitudes, and quote directly from the Old Testament Scrolls. Did Jesus not have these writings, or was Paul speaking of something other than the LITERAL WRITINGS of the OLD TESTAMENT when he declared that they had been "HIDDEN FROM THE AGES"?  Let's take a closer look!

In ACTS 26:22, Paul makes the following statement:  "Having obtained help from God, I continue unto this day witnessing both to small and great, saying NONE OTHER THINGS than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come."  Did you catch that, my friend?  The Apostle Paul, who wrote two-thirds of our New Testament, said that EVERYTHING THAT HE EVER WROTE, CAME DIRECTLY FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT WRITINGS – EVERYTHING!  He wrote absolutely nothing, without the Old Testament Writings being his source!  So if this be so (and it most certainly is), then we should be able to pull any scripture, from any one of his Pauline Epistles, in order to make a point here.  Let's take a look at just one.  In ROMANS 12:2 for example, one of Paul's most popular scriptures, he states the following:  "…AND BE NOT CONFORMED TO THIS WORLD: BUT BE YE TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND…"  Now, if you were to read that passage from your own bible, instead of the writings of this article, you would immediately recognize that one thing would be missing: QUOTATION MARKS!  Didn't Paul say in ACTS 26:22 that everything that he taught, he pulled from the Old Testament?  He absolutely did!  So if he didn't directly quote this from the Old Testament (and he didn't), and there isn't any direct teaching about "renewing your mind" in the Old Testament (and there isn't), then how did he come up with such a revelation?  The answer is simple:  HE SPIRITUALLY INTERPRETED THE BOOK!  Somewhere, hidden between the books of Genesis and Malachi, Paul found a LITERAL PASSAGE OF SCRIPTURE, WHICH PAINTED A SPIRITUAL PICTURE!  Within that picture, he saw that there was an absolute necessity for mankind to leave the realm of the Carnal Mind, which Adam placed  all of humanity into at the fall, and return to the realm of the Spiritual Mind, which he was in before the fall!  In fact, Paul flat out tells us in FIRST CORINTHIANS 10:11, exactly what he was doing:  "Now ALL THESE THINGS happened unto them for EXAMPLES, and THEY ARE WRTTEN FOR OUR ADMONITION, upon whom the ends of the world are come."  What?  Did you catch that?  Did Paul just tell us that the OLD TESTAMENT was not written for the people who actually lived during that time, but it was written for the church (a people whom the ends of the world are come upon)?  He absolutely did!  And for all these years, the church world has been debating as to whether or not the Old Testament writings are of any value to the New Testament church today.  God Forbid!  In fact, the very Bible School, which I received my diploma through, told me that it would be wise to spend the majority of my time in the New Testament, since we are now governed by the New Covenant!  When will the church understand, that everything that will ever happen in this time/space world lies somewhere hidden beneath the black and white letters of the Old Testament:  EVERYTHING!!!  And it lies there, WAITING TO BE REVEALED!  "For the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life" (II COR. 3:6).  Here again in Corinthians, Paul says the exact same thing in yet another way.  He says that a minister can take the LITERAL INTERPRETATION OF THE WORD (THE LETTER) and use it to kill (one's identity, authority, and purpose), or SPIRITUALLY INTERPRET THE BOOK, AND CAUSE ONE TO LIVE (EXPERIENCE THE CHRIST LIFE FROM WITHIN)!  Choose Life, my friend!!!  CHOOSE TO SPIRITUALLY INTERPRET THE BOOK!!!    


Now that we have covered (at least partially) what Paul has said about the matter, let's take a look at what the Prophet Isaiah has spoken about the same.  "Whom shall he teach knowledge?  And whom shall he make to understand doctrine?  Them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts." (IS. 28:9)  So much can be said about this one loaded passage, but for now, I must stick with the topic at hand.  For the next verse here, Isaiah 28:10, is almost always misquoted during a church service.  Ministers will often tell us, that we're to be taught the scriptures in the following manner: "…LINE UPON LINE, PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT, HERE A LITTLE, THERE A LITTLE…"  But is that what it says?  LOOK AGAIN!!!  Is God Schizophrenic?  Does he have Dementia?  Perhaps Alzheimer's?  Here's the direct quote:  "…for precept must be upon precept, PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT, and line must be upon line, LINE UPON LINE; here a little, and there a little…" (Is. 28:10).  Why do you think that God all of a sudden repeated the phrases "LINE UPON LINE", and "PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT", when talking about how He would teach a people knowledge here?  Do you really think that he suddenly had a memory lapse?  NOT A CHANCE!  The reason that he repeated himself is that for every "LITERAL LINE" in the word of God, there is a "SPIRITUAL LINE" HIDDEN BENEATH!!  THE HIDDEN MANNA WITHIN THE ARC OF THE COVENANT!!!  And for every "LITERAL PRECEPT" in the scriptures (HEAD KNOWLEDGE), there's a "SPIRITUAL PRECEPT" (UNDERSTANDING), hidden within.  PROVERBS 4:7, tells us, that "Wisdom is the PRINCIPLE THING, therefore get Wisdom, and with all thy getting (of wisdom), GET UNDERSTANDING"!  Now, if you've noticed a little sarcasm in my voice over the past few lines, please take a look at verse eleven of this chapter, as Isaiah tells us how God's ministers will dispense this spiritual revelation.  Many teach this passage as simply referring to speaking in tongues, but I see another application here as well.  "For with STAMMERING LIPS and ANOTHER TONGUE will he speak to His people" (IS. 28:11).  What does this mean?  The word for "STAMMERING" here means "MOCKING" in the Hebrew, and the phrase "ANOTHER TONGUE" here means "ANOTHER LANGUAGE"!  The religious church systems of our day have become so "DRUNKEN" and "PRIDEFUL" (v. 3), that he can no longer come to them at present with His "STILL SMALL VOICE";  he must come to them with a different tone in His voice ("MOCKINGS"), and with a Spiritually Interpreted Word ("ANOTHER LANGUAGE"), that will awaken them out of their Stupor!  Perhaps Elijah's famous lines will come to your remembrance, as he stood "MOCKING" the Prophets of Baal (and remember this is an example for us – "a people whom the ends of the world are come upon"):  "Shout louder, After all, He's a God isn't He?  Maybe He's daydreaming, or on the Potty…!" (I KINGS 18:27, COMPLETE JEWISH BIBLE).  Indeed, God Himself, according the scriptures, will "…SIT IN THE HEAVENS AND LAUGH" at those who are imagining such a VAIN THING!


In closing this second article, we must take one close look at the words of "THE PROPHET", our Lord Jesus Christ.  Time after time, as Jesus was teaching amongst the multitudes, he would often make the following statement:  "YE HAVE HEARD IT SAID…, BUT NOW I SAY UNTO YOU…"  What exactly was the Master Teacher saying to the crowd here in MATTHEW 5:21-22, as well as many other passages throughout the Gospels?  The same thing that Paul and Isaiah were saying, my friends.  When Jesus said "YOU HAVE HEARD IT SAID", he was referring to the OLD TESTAMENTS' LITERAL WRITINGS, by which the Jewish Nation was currently living under!  But He didn't stop there, He went on to say: "BUT NOW I SAY UNTO YOU!"  And in every instance, He went on to SPIRITUALLY INTERPRET THEIR LITERAL BOOK!!!  Now, Listen Please!  HE WAS KILLED FOR DOING THIS!!!  And it was not by the worldly folk.  HE WAS CRUCIFIED BY THE CURRENT RELIGIOUS ORDER, WHO DID NOT WANT TO CHANGE!!!  In JOHN 15, VERSE 20, Jesus forewarned all whom would follow in His footsteps, by making the following statement:  "…If they (the current religious order) have persecuted me, they (the current religious order) will also persecute you."  One thing is of a certainty here, my friends.  Anyone who stands up with a SPIRITUALLY INTERPRETED WORD in this hour with the intent of exposing religious tradition, will most certainly face opposition; and rest assured brethren, it will not come from those without; it will come from those within!  It will come from those who absolutely REFUSE TO CHANGE!  Within the church walls themselves, there will most definitely be an attempt to silence (KILL!) your message!  But to those who would try, I must now remind them of one, important detail:  "YOU'RE CURRENT, RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS ARE NO LONGER WORKING!"          
                                                                                                                                 (…TO BE CONTINUED)

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