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Did You Know?


1.    Did you know, that the most popular view of "End Time" events throughout Charismatic and Pentecostal Christendom is called Dispensationalism or Futurism?

2.    Did you know, that in 1585, the originator of this belief system was a Jesuit priest of the ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITH, by the name of Francisco Ribera, who was never filled with the Holy Spirit?

3.    Did you know, that the scriptures teach us that a "┬░natural man RECEIVETH NOT the things of the Spirit of God┬░for they are SPIRITUALLY DISCERNED? (1Cor 2:14)

4.    Did you know, that Francisco Ribera's SOLE PURPOSE for writing his version of the Book of Revelation and "END TIME EVENTS", was to come up with an explanation which would take the heat off of the Pope, because reformers, such as Luther, were calling him the Antichrist?

5.    Did you know, that the man who drew up the prophecy charts, which Charismatic and Pentecostal churches swear by, was a man by the name of Clarence Larkin?

6.    Did you know, that in his book "Dispensational Truth", where we find all of these charts, that Mr. Larkin, in his chapter on Spiritualism and the Occult, compares those who SPEAK IN TONGUES to those who are DEMONICALLY POSSESSED?

7.    Did you know, that on page 5 of his book, he attributes the information from which he founded his drawings to Francisco Ribera, our Jesuit Catholic Priest?

8.    Did you know, that in 1826, there was a renewed interest in Bible Prophecy within the British Isles, when Samuel Maitland, the librarian to the Archbishop of Canterbury, discovered Ribera's writings and had them published and distributed?

9.    Did you know, that from that moment onward, John Nelson Darby, C.I. Scoffield, Edward Irving and Clarence Larkin were the four who were primarily responsible for spreading Ribera's teachings throughout the British Isles, and later on to America?

10.    Did you know, that the commentary notes within the "Scoffield Study Bible" and later the "Dake Annotated Bible" were mainly taken from Larkin's Prophecy Charts, which came from Ribera's Catholic teachings?

11.    Did you know, that Scoffield's teachings were later propagated throughout America by both the Moody Bible Institute, and the Dallas Theological Seminary, which has become a modern-day bastion of Dispensationalism?

12.    Did you know, that even though John Darby and Edward Irving were primarily responsible for spreading Dispensationalism throughout the British Isles, that neither one of them would take credit for the RAPTURE THEORY?

13.    Did you Know, that an author from that time period, Mr. Robert Norton, after significant research, recorded in his book, "The Restoration of Apostles and Prophets in the Catholic Apostolic Church", that the origination of the "RAPTURE THEORY" came from a 15 year old girl in Glasgow, Scotland by the name of Margaret McDonald, and that John Darby had paid her a personal visit at her home?

14.    Did you know, that prior to the 1830's, neither Dispensationalism, with its split coming of the Lord, nor the Rapture Theory, was ever even taught?

15.    Did you know, that there's another teaching concerning "End Time Events", that's BOTH biblically-based AND historically backed?

16.    Did you know, that the majority of believers in both our Pentecostal and Charismatic churches attend services two to three times per week, and have new even heard of the content in questions 1 through 15 above?

17.    SELAH!

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